The predecessor of Shanghai Huanghe Pump Manufacture Co., Ltd., Shanghai Huanghe pump factory, was founded in 1996. For 26 years, it has been engaged in the manufacturing of flood control mobile pump truck, drainage pump station and other products. It is one of the earliest manufacturers of mobile pump truck in China. A mobile pump truck with a displacement of 300-3000 m3 / h has been successfully developed. At present, Yancheng Binhai Industrial Zone in Jiangsu Province covers an area of 60 mu, Shanghai Songjiang Chedun industrial zone covers an area of 10 mu, two large production bases and 100 sets of various production and processing equipment. The company strictly implements ISO9001:2015 international quality management system, product design and development, mold casting and precision machining Integrated operation system of complete assembly, product testing and after-sales service. More than 3000 sets of various water pumps and mobile pump trucks are produced and sold annually.